F i v e MONTHS

Today marks five months since I came back into the US of A. A couple days ago marked being back in Redding two months. How is it that coming back into the States feels like it was just yesterday and simultaneously ages ago? One year ago I was about 7,374 miles away from where I […]

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Living in Luxury

  Hot water Music playing from my iPhone Drinking water from the tap Loofa Soap Hair tie Bobby pins Clean pjs Clean towel Face wash Electricity Shower curtain ((double)) How often do I use these items without thinking twice? Basic needs, right? Not for everyone. I caught myself- eh- Papa caught me in mid-thought & […]

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Transparency //

  I’ve had some major breakthrough in this area of communicating what’s in my heart over the past 3 weeks. I thought, “Man I could write this in a blog & share the breakthrough I’ve been experiencing… The courage & bravery I had… How I’ve seen the affects of giving my heart a voice.”   […]

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Wired for connection

Who I am today has been shaped and influenced by the people I’ve met, friends I’ve made, cultures I’ve experienced, new things I’ve done, jobs I’ve worked, who I’ve lived with, and gotten to know. So on and so forth. The common strand: people. People have shaped & influenced who Andrea is today. I was […]

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words for the year

With the new number of another new year, it’s a chance┬áto refocus. It’s a chance to re-evaluate, take a look at yourself, set goals, & set values back in their rightful spot. I usually get excited about adventures & dreams. Those are the typical words I focus on. I’ll make some journal pages for adventures […]

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Dear 2016

Dear 2016, On this day of 31 Dec, I am almost taken by surprise our time together is coming to a quick close. Each month of you brought surprise, adventure & choice. In January our first hello was had in sunshine over a cup of coffee in a newly gifted mug. I welcomed you with […]

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beauty full

Hello beautiful, astounding ones! I apologize for the lack of blog posts. Since my last exciting post (see previous post), I have continued blogging on my world race blog. I am considering copying and pasting those blogs here, because this format makes my eyes happy! The format on world race, is not as creative and […]

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When [ dreams ] become real life

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. -Anais Nin Courage – came from the Latin word cor; defined “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” What a refreshing concept of courage. I would like to be courageous and share what is in my heart. I don’t like to broadcast everything happening […]

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Your story is valuable

Everyone has a story to tell. Multiple stories actually. I would never consider myself a story teller, or good at describing situations that have happened, but nonetheless, I have stories to tell. Stories of my own adventures, stories of experiences throughout the day. I have began to wonder about people’s stories recently. As I drove […]

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