About Me


//Who am I?
My name is Andrea Diedrich. A few friends have given me the nicknames Smiley & And.

I am 28 years old. Single (and looking. Kidding not kidding).
West coast is currently my home (northern Cali & western Washington are top shelf).
I have a slight obsession with coffee, the moon, trees, mountains & (most recently) doors.

I come alive when playing with kids, being outside, spending quality time with family & friends.

I’ve been on adventures with Jesus for 10 years now. He’s teaching me how to live fully alive & become fully myself.

// Why blog?
First of all, I like writing.
Second, I enjoy reading blogs. Journalling & blogging bring clarity and help me process in a way that verbal processing does not.

I have a unique voice & perspective to share.

We can relate, connect & encourage each other, even if we don’t meet in person.

I invite you to discover with me how to live authentically, joyfully, adventurously, fully & more completely.
I invite you to the journey with our feet.
I’ll share highs & lows, frustrations & triumphs, dreams & disappointments. Don’t worry, I don’t have it all figured out & I’ll try my best to not think I do.

You are AMAZING and I can’t wait to meet you, hear your stories, thoughts, wisdom & photos.
Come come! Join me in this wild + messy discovery of authentic courageous life.




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