A new adventure on the horizon


Disclaimer: there will be a high number of exclamation marks throughout this post. You’ve been warned.

Y’all! I’ve got some exciting news to share!!! Since I received the news I’ve almost had to pinch myself because parts of me are still shocked & surprised (especially at the timing very near my birthday.)

A month ago I finished & submitted an application to a ministry school in Mijas, Spain.
Just one week ago, I heard back from them (after impatiently waiting for a response) and I was accepted! They invited me to come in March 2018!!

The school
G42 is the school. I heard about it from one of my leaders during the last few months of World Race. He did the 9 month school after his race and recommended it as continuing steps in this new adventure journey w/Jesus. At that time, I didn’t give it any second thought.
It’s essentially a ministry school, my commitment is for 9 months.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the 9 months.
First 3 months I am in Spain: in a classroom setting 4 days a week. Hearing and receiving from leaders & world changers. I will be living in a traditional Spanish home with others I am in school with.
Second 3 months we are sent out to one of 4 locations for our practicum. Partnering with an active ministry. Two of the ministries are overseas in Thailand & Uganda, and two are stateside in Tennessee & Pennsylvania.
Last 3 months, back in Spain.

Why G42?
God shook up my world with World Race. I left the States in January 2016 with some ideas & expectations of what I’d experience. Jesus exceeded those ideas & expectations. I got to experience an adventurous life with Jesus that I had not experienced yet, and couldn’t being in the comfort of the States.
This past year I’ve been back in the States, processing the past year, transitioning into employment again, searching to find my next steps & adventure. It’s been a year where God has come through, as He always does.

Before I moved back to Redding, I conversed with God & I knew this is where I would be able to process & be surrounded by my community of championing friends. It would be a season, an in between, not a forever. For the first few months I was anxious to know how long I’d be here.

All this back story is to say this- it’s been a year, full of emotions, God validating my feelings & emotions, surprise friends and heartache. I have not fully processed last year & all that God made visible to my eyes. Believe me, there are still issues I’m working through & issues I am still avoiding. But my time here in Redding has been where I was to be, though there were some things I wouldn’t have asked God for. It’s been another year of discovery, laughter, question marks and life.

So why G42?
Here’s why- God has spoken this to me a couple times over the past few months (not audibly but through my thoughts & journaling):
He’s purposed and intended for my life to be one of crazy, wild adventure. He has not made me for a sub-par, miserable, boring, bleh existence.
“Your life will scream my existence, my intimacy & my adventure.”

What do I want in life?
What do I pursue time & again?

Adventure, especially the kind that requires me taking risk, stepping out & expecting Papa to come through, that’s the kind of adventure I want. My heart craves to be closer to my Papa & a big way I experience that is when I step out & feel Him saying, “What have you got to loose? Go for it!” And when He comes through, I get to share “Hey this is what I did, I jumped & Papa came through!” I get to share who He is & hopefully inspire others to jump, to take adventures with Him; and experience His provision & adventure with Him & share that it was all because of Him.

Join me
Join me in the adventure! This past year I have discovered it’s healthy & and good to have needs & be able to communicate them.
So, I need you!
I need your support.
I need your championing.
I need your prayers.
I need your encouragement.
I need your financial support.

I was not able to go on World Race without your support, and this is no different. I don’t like asking for money (which I’m sure no one does) but it’s a tangible need that this next season will be since I won’t be able to work.
I can’t do this life alone and I am blessed to have y’all as my people that are cheering me on.

If you’d like to donate financially, the school will cost 9,800$. This includes my room & board, food, travel to & from the practicum the middle 3 months.
I need to sit down & hash out what personal spending will be like, and such, but for now I know this: if I do my part to share this with y’all, then Papa will do His part & provide like He always does.

I am so excited!!
Thank you for taking moments out of your day to allow me to share this exciting news with you!
I am excited to see what will come of this adventure & Papa’s direction & leading.
I’m excited to be able to ask you to join me. Please pray fully consider supporting me.

I will link below G42’s website & detail below how you can donate to what I need to fundraise.

Thank you so much!!
Please contact me with any questions you have, I’d love to share more with you.
Thank you!!
Big love & blessings!!

:: :: :: ::

G42 :: http://generation42.com




3 thoughts on “A new adventure on the horizon

  1. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you in this journey called life! Hurray! I’m proud of you for pursuing your dreams and passion!


  2. ❤️❤️❤️ this!!! I have no doubt you’ll be transformed (continue to be) in every way…love your boldness and passion for OUR great adventure called life! Twists & turns, I’ve learned to embrace “the process” and that has allowed me to clear my vision! Let us know when your pic link is up so we can give via PP! So excited for you for this next step… 🙏🏼😊🎉❤️


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