10 years ago : :

This May has marked 10 years being graduated from high school.

Praise. The. Lord.

Thinking back & remembering who I was 10 years ago, is a lifetime away.
I am so thankful Papa has loved me all the way to where I am now.

Way back in the days of high school, I was just trying to keep up with homework & wanted to make good grades. I had 3 best friends at church, and one I called friend at school.
I was homeschooled up until my 9th year of schooling. At 14, this once shy, insecure, weary, critical Andrea went to public school & didn’t want to make friends.
I was a loner & wished I was at the same school as my two besties from church, who had been my pals since we were 9 or 10 years old.

11-10 years ago I thought I would never leave my hometown. I didn’t know if my future was bright.
I didn’t think my dreams would be reality, ever. My dreams were in the clouds and I knew I wasn’t a bird that could fly.

Thankfully, Papa has been chasing me all along.
His faithfulness is a major piece of my story.
He’s never given up on me.
He’s had more hope for me when I have had none for myself.

10 years ago He opened a door & I walked through.
I moved out of my hometown, where I knew only a few people. At 18, I didn’t know I was taking a brave leap that would create a domino effect.

Today, tears come to my eyes seeing my faithful Father keep on pursuing & wooing me to him.
Today, I laugh looking back 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 years ago.

Thank you Papa for pursuing my heart! Thank you for choosing to love me when I have been unloving. Thank you for being faithful when I have been faithless.
Thank you for never ignoring me.
Thank you for being hopeful when I have felt hopeless.

Thank you for wooing me.
Thank you for drawing me near.
Thank you for the discovery of who you’ve fashioned me to be, from the very beginning.

He is so good!

Take a moment to think back to who you once were & be amazed by the faithfulness of our Papa.

Love y’all!


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