Wired for connection

Who I am today has been shaped and influenced by the people I’ve met, friends I’ve made, cultures I’ve experienced, new things I’ve done, jobs I’ve worked, who I’ve lived with, and gotten to know. So on and so forth.
The common strand: people.
People have shaped & influenced who Andrea is today.

I was reading through some blogs, emails & journal entries from this time last year. January last year, I didn’t think the places I had been thus far in my time with World Race left a mark on me. I didn’t think I had left my mark on the country & people.
A year later, I see differently. I didn’t know it at the time, and it was not how I expected, but each country & people I got to know have left their mark on me.
I guess, I have left a piece of myself in each country, and a piece of the country gave me a gift.
You see, I expected deep connection everywhere we went. When that expectation was not met after the first month, I felt like a failure. I felt like I was approaching this experience with wrong expectations & for a time I didn’t know how to adjust my thinking & approach.


Memory & the brain is incredible. I can recall moments around a table eating or walking down the street. I recall little moments that may seem too small to remember, but that’s just it, I’m wired to recall those moments I felt connected to another human being.
It’s actually pretty dang amazing if you think about that for a minute.

314 days abroad.


7,536 hours.

425,160 minutes.

27,129,600 seconds.
Here I am 75 days after the 314 days, and I can recall a moment (seconds or minutes in length) in that span of time & picture it in my mind like it was yesterday.
Tell me that’s not incredible.
Brain, you’re incredible. Thank you.


Where was I…people!
I would not be the Andrea I am today without allllll the people I met, befriended, listened to & laughed with this year.


You are people.
Thank you.
Reading how many hours, minutes & seconds make up those 314 days has brought my mind to a halt.
As will this post be brought to a halt.


Want to know more about my time with World Race? Blog site here.


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