Your story is valuable

Everyone has a story to tell.

Multiple stories actually.

I would never consider myself a story teller, or good at describing situations that have happened, but nonetheless, I have stories to tell.
Stories of my own adventures, stories of experiences throughout the day.


I have began to wonder about people’s stories recently.
As I drove into the mountains and passed small towns hidden in the woods and what I would consider “the middle of nowhere,” I wondered about the humans residing there. Have they lived here their entire lives? Do they continue the work and business of their parents? Do they live here in the summer time when hikers, tourists and vacationers pass through and have another life elsewhere? Do they crave other locations?
Are they content in this small town on the pathway to Mount Rainier? Do they frequent the mountain closeby? Do their children long to see a world outside this one? Do they encounter people from all over the world? Do they become excited at getting to know new travelers? Do they live here to live in a place that is quiet and undisturbed? Do they hunt? Do they fish? Do they expand their borders of travel, or remain here?


My mind was overflowing with questions of wonder! I became so curious of the lives of these individuals who run and own lodges in the woods of western Washington.


I scrolled past this quote a while back, scrolled back and saved the image.

Every person has something to share and teach. I can learn something from every single person I meet and encounter.
Studying anthropology in college, this way of thinking was pointed out countless times. I believe it to be true! If we will take a few moments and put ourselves outside of the center of our universe from which all thoughts circulate, we will be able to see others more clearly.
I pondered this mindset as I drove home this evening. Every person has a story to tell, they know things I do not, they have experienced life differently from me. They have worked jobs I have not, they have been places I have not. They have a worldview that I do not. Wow, I can learn something from every beautiful human! Young, old, age does not matter, because I can learn from every individual.


What if I approached every day life in this fresh mindset? How would my world change. Well, it wouldn’t change, but my perception and perspective on it would change.


Every so often I will stumble upon quotes that are thought provoking and I save them. Such is this one:

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
-Albert Einstein


Einstein has good nuggets to share in this statement. What if I were to apply this to the mindset of everyone having a story to tell and something to teach me? What if I took this statement from Einstein and paired it with the quote on image above? I think Einstein was referring to how we present ourselves. If I am moving toward value & finding that in the people I encounter in my day, how will Papa move? When I remove myself from the center of my ever churning universe, and place others there instead, I place their value as more important to establish than my own.


Establishing my value? Yes. I want to be valued. You want to feel valued, right?
What does that look like? Well to me, this means wanting my friends and family to value me and me feeling loved, valued and important. I feel most loved when I spend quality time, am listened to, not ignored, invited over to hang or play. This establishes my value; these actions translate to me, “Andrea you are important to me, I want to spend time with you, doing something or doing nothing. I want to hear how you are; the highs & the lows. I want to share my life and these moments with you.”


Okay, so how do I establish value and importance of others? For me, spending quality time speaks volumes of importance. I also like to give cards; I find I can express through words onto card what is in my heart.


That’s one way. But how else can I establish value and importance? Especially to those people I see broken and lonely and they aren’t my friend? What if it’s a person I will likely never see again? How do I establish their value and importance? How do I make them feel important?
Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.
Not just the somebodies who are frequent in my circle of friends. What about the somebodies who are lonely and shy away from the crowds? What about the somebodies that I don’t get along with? What about the somebodies that I have nothing in common with?
Hmm…I’m challenged.


What are your thoughts? Come now, I have loads to learn and you are someone I can learn from. What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree?


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