Finding where I belong

Kicking it back to the days when these Michael W. Smith lyrics were known by many.
Looking for a reason
Roamin’ through the night to find
My place in this world
My place in this world

I will admit though the tune is outdated today, the lyrics are relevant. Especially to my generation.

Finding where one belongs is a life quest; I believe there will be people and places you & I feel at home. But there will inevitably be moments of doubt and wondering. No matter how secure I feel that I am in a place I call home, there will come those moments and days of insecurity. Moments when I feel left out. Moments when I feel excluded. Moments when I feel I am missing out on something.
Let me tell you from experience, these feelings will come whether you are strongly planted and know without a doubt you are home. It’s the enemy’s way of trying to get us to throw ourself a pity party, or single out + isolate ourselves. It’s his strategy to get us into the mindset that we are alone, lonely, sad and excluded.
It’s okay. You have not taken 15 steps backward. Your feelings and thoughts are valid; don’t discredit them.


You have a choice when these feelings come into the forefront of your mind. You might analyze & observe the actions of those whom you are feeling excluded from. You might wallow and be down. You might wonder if you have done something wrong. You might try to find where the feelings root from. You may ignore the feelings. You might busy yourself so you don’t have to face the unpleasant feelings.
The choice is yours. You may talk to a friend or confidant. You may get away.
May I advise you? Don’t stay in this place too long! You know how your thoughts and feelings affect you, be sensitive to what you need to process through this place of feeling like you don’t belong.

Can I testify to an action that helps me through this process?
I often feel this atmosphere of “I don’t belong”, and I hate it. It’s not who I am and it’s not who you are.
Why do I hate it? Because it’s a lie. The truth is I am a child of God.
[gal 4:6-7] “And because we are his children, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, prompting us to call out, ‘Abba, Father.’ Now you are no longer a slave it God’s own child.”

He has replaced labels on your DNA that were false (lies) and stamped them with truth.


But hear me out, if you are not feeling like you have found where you belong, if you are not feeling like you have found your tribe or community, don’t give up.
You will find your tribe.
Remember what Papa has stamped on your DNA? He cares about the details of your thoughts and heart. He knows what you desire and hope for. Ask him. He desires for you to thrive.
I know this- he is a good Papa.
I don’t know why it’s a process to find community. I don’t know why some people struggle in this area consistently, and others may not.
But I know that our Papa won’t leave us or abandon us. He is faithful. He is dependable.
I know he is good, and has the ultimate good for us. We are his kids!
Thank you Papa for being a good Daddy.



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