Come with me

Journey with our feet

Last summer this phrase was said on an adventure with my new friend Hannah. We were walking about, and ended up walking quite a bit more than we had expected and originally planned. But we made an expedition of it and thus began a phrase and motto we have both used since that initial venture.
I have learned many a things from this phrase, and have adopted it as a lifestyle.


Each of us have been created with two feet. Our feet take us places we like to go, and some other places we may not initially enjoy as much. Yet our feet take us places.
Places of adventure, risk, discomfort, safety, familiarity.

Last July I completed my college degree! Hooray! Thank you, quite an accomplishment that I am proud of and, at times, find myself missing homework. I embarked on a journey of a lifetime last summer, and since then I have not stopped the venture.
I was reading some journal entries the other day, and found my heart on paper. I had begun this new season of venturing out of my comfort zone and saw how I thrived and did not want the adventure to cease.


Papa God has started something in me, and I want to share my thoughts, revelations, struggles, questions and excitements along this journey! Will you join me in this journey? Join me as I learn what it is like to day by day, week by week, walk this journey with my Papa that is extremely adventurous.
I will be sharing what this journey looks like when you seek the adventurous heart of Jesus without fear and insecurity.
Come join me in this voyage.


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