Introvert – Extrovert

Introvert. Extrovert.   One refuels mainly from time alone, the other refuels being around people. I would say I have my days and moments of both. Some days I need the extra alone time. Other days I need the extra human interaction time.   Too often though, when I am in a social situation and […]

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circa July/August 2016

I’m going to take you back to July/August 2016. I haven’t shared many photographs from when I traveled in 2016, because I had limited access to sharing those photographs. However in the past month, I have purchased a new laptop and can once again, share my DSLR photographs! [which are higher quality than from my […]

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It takes risk + guts

Earlier this week I was at a coffee shop, to get out of the house, for a change of scenery. The barista was kind and she asked me what I was up to. I let her know I was starting to apply to jobs because I was moving to Colorado. She asked if it was […]

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Coming into a new season

Monday this week, I purchased a pair of new kicks. New running shoes. My current ones were starting to gain holes, and tread was wearing thin. Last year, I ended up not getting new running shoes before I strained/bruised one of my feet. Thankfully, it wasn’t a big ordeal, and a new pair of running […]

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Breathe easier

Today I am breathing easier.  The sting of rejection from this past season doesn’t sting like it once did with every breath. There were days the pain felt unending. On dark days I felt so depressed; I felt I was at my lowest. That’s a big statement because in high school, earlier 20s, I struggled […]

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It’s time to dream again

April 2018 Y’all- it has been a strange season over here. I’m not talking about the weather. I’m talking about the season I’ve been in. Before I even start, I want to say– I write this to share where I am. To share what I think I heard God say, and it’s been eye opening. […]

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Avoiding the mess

I’ve been avoiding writing. I’ve been avoiding facing my feelings. The past five weeks have been….. hmm, words….. well I could be dramatic or I could hush what has felt so dramatic. Dramatic. Two or three months ago, while having quality heart to heart conversation with a girl friend, I stopped mid heart sharing and […]

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When plans change

  Have you ever made a decision on something in your life, but then realize you actually are doing it for the wrong reasons? Have you set your mind on something, “yeah I’m gonna do this thing and go for it!” But then weeks or a month later, the question of why comes in and […]

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